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Megan was born in Little Rock, Arkansas and spent two years living and working in Gisenyi, Rwanda. She’s always felt uncomfortable with gender norms. She remembers making her mom take her to the boys’ section of stores in elementary school when flared jeans became popular because she hated how the style separated the look of girls’ pants from the look of boys’ pants. She’s still trying to figure out how she can incorporate her love of crochet into her revolutionary feminist ways.

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Katie was a feminist before she came out of the womb, but it wasn’t until her undergrad that she began to understand gender dynamics on a much deeper level. Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, with a Masters in international development, Katie is a gender specialist who has been living and working in Rwanda for the last two years. She is also an ex-burlesque performer, a former documentary filmmaker, and a total foodie with a mild obsession for cheese… and Nibs. 

Janet Karemera bio pic

Janet is a Canadian-born, Rwanda-raised twenty-something living the life of a civil servant in the beautiful city of Kigali. Growing up in a strongly traditional and conservative culture in Rwanda but having your eyes opened up to tiny bits of this world we live in is usually a recipe for a lot of interesting conversations and experiences once you return home. Janet’s hope in life is not just to be a rebel as her parents have called her at various points in her life but to try and break barriers of our so-called "culture". 

Kristin Roha bio pic

Kristin was born and raised in Washington, DC (a native Washingtonian!) and graduated from Bryn Mawr College, where she majored in archaeology.  After a stint at the Smithsonian, a passion for women’s health and gender inequality inspired her to go back to school.  She is currently pursuing a Masters of Public Health at George Washington University but lives in Kigali, Rwanda, where she works on a project that brings safe drinking water to rural villages.  She loves good food, great beer, belly dancing, fly fishing, yoga, and all things science fiction. 

Jackie Mujawimana bio pic

Jackie was born in Kisoro, Uganda and is half Rwandan, half Ugandan. She currently works for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kigali and has a fetish for leopard-print bra straps. Very outgoing and adventurous, Jackie loves old jazz, matoke, and groundnuts, and she is happiest when she is making new friends. 

Aissata Traore bio pic

Aissata is a Navy brat who grew up everywhere from Russia and Cali, to Virginia and Bahrain. She went to college in Virginia (the greatest state in the Union!) and graduated from the University of Mary Washington, where she double majored in International Affairs and Women's and Gender Studies. After completing her B.A. she moved to Rwanda for a three month internship. Time got away from her and she ended up staying for ten months doing grants and funding for a small farmer project. She returned to the D.C. area in March 2014 to begin her Masters at The George Washington University, where she'll study International Development, with a focus on Development, Conflict, and Gender. When she's not working on The Burden of Proof Movement, she likes to read, drink wine, do yoga, and play tennis (and she is just now realizing how much her bio sounds like an online dating profile). 

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Jenn was born in New York, raised mostly in New Jersey, and spent a lot of time in Massachusetts so is a bandwagon Boston sports fan who also occasionally roots for teams in New York and New Jersey. (Sacrilege! She knows.) She currently oversees a public health organization in Rwanda, but is a social worker at heart.  She is an avid runner, drinker, dancer, eater, Christian, and cook, who tried (and failed miserably) at becoming the next Food Network star. 

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Carolien is from a small town in the Netherlands and has been living, studying, and working in Rwanda since the summer of 2011. Combining a background in International Business and International Development, she currently works for a large development organization in Kigali. She loves the sun, traveling, a good book, and her dog and is planning to speak fluent French by the end of 2014.