Since The Burden of Proof Movement focuses on exposing the aspects of patriarchy and gender-based violence that often go unnoticed, we especially want to know if your perusal of the daily observations of gender-based violence published on the BOPM website changes the way you think about issues of gender based-violence and sexism in today's society. This would be a valuable blog post topic for us to publish on our website because it might help other people with gender privilege to develop a better understanding of gender-based violence.

We also strongly encourage you to record your own observations of gender-based violence in action, in addition to commenting on the daily observations that you read on the BOPM website. Perhaps you notice a feminine-looking boy getting cat called or sneered at as he walks down the street, or you witness a woman getting groped on the bus while you’re commuting to work. How do you react in the moment? How has your involvement in BOPM impacted the way you see this situation?

We rely on our participants with gender privilege to be able to speak about their own privilege, as well as speak to others with gender privilege who might not be as readily accepting of our mission to put an end to the normalization of gender-based violence. Your reflections need to contribute “evidence” to the burden of proof we are creating, which is why we are looking to partner with people who have gender privilege who are truly interested and engaged in the subjects of gender-based violence, patriarchy, and pervasive sexism within society. 

  • Take some time to browse the website and read about the experiences of people who have to deal with GBV on a daily basis. Also, take some time to familiarize yourself with the resources available on the BOPM website, particularly the Terms of Reference.
  • Commit to contributing at least one comment, observation, or story to be published on the BOPM website.
  • Your contributions should be somewhere between 200-1,000 words, should align with the BOPM mission and vision, and should add evidence to the burden of proof we are creating.
  • Volunteer to participate by emailing us at Let us know in your message that you wish to be a "GBV observer".
  • We will ask you how you wish to be identified when we publish your writing, and we promise to honor your request. We hope to publish a diverse array of stories on the website, so we would like to be able to provide some information about how your identity and your location impacts your views on GBV. You will always have the option to remain completely anonymous.